Cleanroom Conversions

A cleanroom is essential to the success of your company, but finding the space for a cleanroom isn't always easy. New construction is expensive and time-consuming, and installing cleanrooms within an existing building doesn't always make the best use of your space. If you're struggling to find the space for your new cleanroom, a Modulus cleanroom conversion is the solution you need. Our cleanroom conversion projects make use of an existing office or room in your building, and effectively convert it into the ISO Class cleanroom you require, on time and on budget.

Modulus Cleanroom Conversion Process

The Modulus cleanroom conversion process is focused on delivering absolute value at every single step of your project. Nowhere is our dedication to absolute value more apparent than in our cleanroom conversion projects, where we maximize your existing space, converting it into a functional, reliable cleanroom that meets even the most stringent requirements.


Modular Ceiling Grid

Modulus cleanroom conversion projects start with the installation of a modular cleanroom ceiling grid, which provides the framework for your cleanroom conversion. This durable steel frame provides the space we need to install essential components like fans and filtration systems.

Modular Cleanroom Panels

With a ceiling grid providing the framework for your cleanroom conversion, modular cleanroom panels are easily installed in place of your existing wall system. Powder-coated finish options provide a high level of cleanliness and a sleek, professional aesthetic.

Custom Cleanroom Accessories

With walls and ceiling in place, finishing your cleanroom is as simple as selecting and installing the accessories required for your cleanroom's application and ISO class. HEPA filters, LED lighting, pass-throughs, and more are installed to complete your cleanroom conversion project.


The Cleanroom You Need, Where You Need It

The ultimate benefit of a Modulus cleanroom conversion project is that you get the cleanroom you need, exactly where your operation needs it most. New construction often places cleanrooms far away from the rest of the facility, and in-plant builds can minimize your usable space. A Modulus cleanroom conversion project allows you to install the cleanroom your facility needs, in the location that is most beneficial to your application.

Cost-Effective, Timely Modular Cleanroom Conversions

As a modular cleanroom supplier, Modulus Cleanrooms is able to deliver you an exceptionally high-quality cleanroom at a competitive cost and on a significantly shorter timeline than traditional construction. Our modular components make it possible to convert any existing, unclassified room or office into a cleanroom that meets your application, your space, and your required ISO Class, on time and on budget.

“Seth was incredibly responsive and personally involved from quote all the way through certification sign off. It was refreshing to deal with a company where the principle is involved from day one through the completion of the project. From the bid perspective, Modulus did the best job to utilize the limited space that we had to worth with. Modulus had to coordinate their work with the other remodel activities including ethernet cabling, HVAC, electrical, etc., and did so seamlessly without incident. The overall quality of their work was excellent and they clearly put the customer first."

Martin Goldberg, PhD - Sr. VP R&D SlipChip Corporation, CA

"I have worked with Seth and his team on several projects and they have exceeded my expectations on every level. From the first visit, where Seth uses his experience and wealth of knowledge to improve the project with suggested design changes, to the finishing details, the projects have always gone smoothly and remained on schedule and on budget.”

Rich Smith - Vice President of Sales Evolve Manufacturing, CA

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