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Modulus Cleanrooms is proud to support a wide range of industries with cleanroom design, construction, and installation services.

biotech cleanrooms

Bio-Tech Cleanrooms

Modulus Cleanrooms got its start in California, where the biotechnology industry is expanding at an exceptional rate. We've worked with clients in the industry for years, and are confident in our abilities to design and install a highly controlled cleanroom that meets your stringent requirements.

Medical Device Cleanrooms

Medical device manufacturers cannot risk any type of contamination, and require specific environmental controls to ensure the safety of device production. We design and build the cleanrooms that deliver the trusted, stable, and exceptionally clean working space you need.

medical device cleanrooms

electronics cleanrooms


As the electronics industry continues to push technological boundaries with smaller and more complex components, reliable, highly controlled cleanrooms are more important than ever. Our technicians have the expertise to deliver the electronics cleanroom that best suits your application.


Modulus Cleanrooms are built to withstand even the toughest manufacturing environment, eliminating contamination and delivering exceptional temperature, humidity, and pressure control to any manufacturing facility.

manufacturing cleanrooms

packaging cleanrooms


Modulus Cleanrooms are designed to meet even the most stringent cleanliness requirements. No matter your packaging application's need for cleanroom cleanliness standards, we have the quality products and the technical expertise to design and deliver the right solution.


Environmental applications, like wastewater treatment and environmental testing, require a range of cleanliness specifications. Modulus Cleanrooms are built with a minimum classification of ISO 7 ensuring that no matter your application, you have the clean, stable environment you need.

environmental cleanrooms

“Seth was incredibly responsive and personally involved from quote all the way through certification sign off. It was refreshing to deal with a company where the principle is involved from day one through the completion of the project. From the bid perspective, Modulus did the best job to utilize the limited space that we had to worth with. Modulus had to coordinate their work with the other remodel activities including ethernet cabling, HVAC, electrical, etc., and did so seamlessly without incident. The overall quality of their work was excellent and they clearly put the customer first."

Martin Goldberg, PhD - Sr. VP R&D SlipChip Corporation, CA

"I have worked with Seth and his team on several projects and they have exceeded my expectations on every level. From the first visit, where Seth uses his experience and wealth of knowledge to improve the project with suggested design changes, to the finishing details, the projects have always gone smoothly and remained on schedule and on budget.”

Rich Smith - Vice President of Sales Evolve Manufacturing, CA

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