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There's nothing more important to the operation of a cleanroom than proper certification. Your cleanroom must meet testing requirements for your specific ISO Class level before you can begin production. Modulus Cleanrooms is dedicated to delivering the cleanroom you need, and we stand behind each of our cleanrooms with quality testing, certification, and cleanroom validation. We provide cleanroom testing and certification for clients looking into renovating or updating existing cleanrooms and certify each of our new cleanrooms with quality cleanroom testing completed by a reputable third party.

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Cleanroom Testing

Have questions about the performance of your cleanroom? Have a new cleanroom you need tested? The Modulus Cleanroom team is here to ensure your cleanroom is always functioning as it should, keeping your environment contaminant-free for safe production. Our standard cleanroom testing services include:

  • Airflow verification including room and air changes per hour
  • Filter integrity testing (also known as leak scan testing)
  • Room differential pressure testing
  • Non-viable airborne particle concentration
  • Temperature & RH testing

Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom certification is crucial to the success of your production. It's a service that Modulus Cleanrooms takes very seriously. Every Modulus Cleanroom is designed and built to meet your required cleanroom ISO standards. When construction is complete, your cleanroom will be tested and certified by an independent third-party to ensure it meets your required cleanliness levels. As cleanroom experts with experience across industries, the Modulus Cleanroom team proudly stands by the certification of all of our cleanrooms.
cleanroom certification

“Seth was incredibly responsive and personally involved from quote all the way through certification sign off. It was refreshing to deal with a company where the principle is involved from day one through the completion of the project. From the bid perspective, Modulus did the best job to utilize the limited space that we had to worth with. Modulus had to coordinate their work with the other remodel activities including ethernet cabling, HVAC, electrical, etc., and did so seamlessly without incident. The overall quality of their work was excellent and they clearly put the customer first."

Martin Goldberg, PhD - Sr. VP R&D SlipChip Corporation, CA

"I have worked with Seth and his team on several projects and they have exceeded my expectations on every level. From the first visit, where Seth uses his experience and wealth of knowledge to improve the project with suggested design changes, to the finishing details, the projects have always gone smoothly and remained on schedule and on budget.”

Rich Smith - Vice President of Sales Evolve Manufacturing, CA

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