Types of Cleanrooms

The Modulus Cleanrooms team is dedicated to delivering absolute value at every step of your cleanroom project. That starts with matching your facility with the right type of cleanroom for your application. Choosing the right type of cleanroom is essential to ensuring that your finished product can meet your required ISO standards, is compatible with your building, and can structurally support your cleanroom production operations for years to come. 

Modulus Cleanrooms offers both hardwall and softwall cleanrooms to suit clients in every industry. Learn more about our available types of cleanrooms, or connect with a Modulus Cleanrooms expert for personalized guidance on the right type of cleanroom for you.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall cleanrooms are the best option for any company seeking a permanent cleanroom solution that can meet the most stringent cleanroom ISO classes. The solid walls of a hardwall cleanroom provide the secure environment necessary to precisely control contamination, humidity, and pressure.

Steel Frame Cleanrooms

If you are looking for the very best in durable, premium construction, a steel frame cleanroom is the best type of cleanroom for your application. With welded corners and a powder-coated white finish, steel modular cleanrooms deliver a precise fit and a sleek, professional appearance. 

Steel frame cleanrooms come ready to install in standard dimensions, or the Modulus Cleanrooms team of designers can develop a custom cleanroom designed for your specific application. 

Steel frame cleanrooms are designed to meet ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100.

Benefits of Steel Frame Cleanrooms:

  • Steel frame cleanrooms are self-supporting No need for external construction
  • Modular construction ensures your cleanroom can easily be moved or enlarged
  • Tubular structural steel frames are manufactured for maximum strength
  • Welded corners and ground-smooth finish deliver an exact fit and added strength
  • Modular-welded ceiling grids are designed to incorporate HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED Lights
  • A sleek powder-coated finish provides a professional appearance
  • Choose from multiple wall panels to best suit your facility's needs

Aluminum Frame Cleanrooms

Modulus aluminum frame cleanrooms are well-suited to a range of cleanroom applications but are the ideal choice for hard-to-fit and tightly designed spaces. Completely customizable, lightweight, and fast-to-install, Modulus aluminum frame cleanrooms are made with extruded anodized aluminum framing and feature an interlocking T-bar ceiling grid that allows for easy integration of HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED lights.

If you're looking for the type of cleanroom that is easy to use and simple to reconfigure, while still offering all the benefits of a hardwall cleanroom, an aluminum frame cleanroom might be the right choice. Our in-house designers will work with you to create the custom cleanroom that best fits your needs. 

Aluminum frame cleanroom features can meet ISO class requirements between Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100.

Benefits of Aluminum Frame Cleanrooms:

  • Anodized aluminum construction makes for a lightweight but durable cleanroom
  • Aluminum frame cleanrooms are endlessly customizable
  • Interlocking T-bar ceiling grid for easy HEPA filter integration
  • Easily retrofit or integrate an aluminum frame cleanroom into your existing space
  • Custom sizes available to suit nearly any cleanroom application or requirement

Post & Panel Cleanrooms

Post and panel cleanrooms offer the added design flexibility that many cleanroom applications require, allowing you to choose from a variety of wall panel options. As post and panel experts, the Modulus Cleanrooms team recognizes the benefits these all-purpose systems can deliver to clients looking for a cleanroom that can suit a wide range of applications. 

Modulus post and panel cleanrooms are available in a combination of different wall panels and cores, including aluminum, polystyrene, stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), and other materials. If you're not sure which wall panel types are right for your application, a Modulus specialist can help you determine the best choices based on the specific needs of your cleanroom. 

Post and panel cleanrooms can be designed to meet cleanroom ISO standards from Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100 standards.

Benefits of Post & Panel Cleanrooms:

  • Choose from a variety of wall panel materials that best suit your application
  • Post-and-panel construction offers unlimited design capabilities
  • Incorporate both security and control panels
  • The ultimate option for customization, post-and-panel cleanrooms are available in custom sizes to suit almost any room
  • Post-and-panel cleanrooms can be retrofitted to suit your existing space

Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall cleanrooms are ideal for any application looking for a cost-effective controlled environment.

Softwall Cleanrooms

Unlike their hardwall counterparts, softwall cleanrooms feature soft clear sheet walls that are lightweight and easy to clean. This provides a range of benefits for any industry looking for a flexible, easily reconfigured cleanroom or controlled environment. Modulus softwall cleanrooms are available in both standard and custom sizes, to suit any size or shape facility. 

Softwall cleanrooms are easily designed to meet ISO standards from Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100.

Benefits of Modulus Softwall Cleanrooms:

  • Softwall cleanrooms are a cost-effective option for any application
  • Lightweight components provide maximum flexibility, ensuring your cleanroom expands and grows as your company does
  • Modular tube and joint construction ensures fast onsite installation
  • Steel structure provides the strength and durability you need, without sacrificing future flexibility
  • Available in both custom and prefabricated configurations for quick delivery

“Seth was incredibly responsive and personally involved from quote all the way through certification sign off. It was refreshing to deal with a company where the principle is involved from day one through the completion of the project. From the bid perspective, Modulus did the best job to utilize the limited space that we had to worth with. Modulus had to coordinate their work with the other remodel activities including ethernet cabling, HVAC, electrical, etc., and did so seamlessly without incident. The overall quality of their work was excellent and they clearly put the customer first."

Martin Goldberg, PhD - Sr. VP R&D SlipChip Corporation, CA

"I have worked with Seth and his team on several projects and they have exceeded my expectations on every level. From the first visit, where Seth uses his experience and wealth of knowledge to improve the project with suggested design changes, to the finishing details, the projects have always gone smoothly and remained on schedule and on budget.”

Rich Smith - Vice President of Sales Evolve Manufacturing, CA

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