Our Modulus Cleanrooms experts offer different solutions that would cater to your needs. A Hardwall Cleanroom would be the best options for your company  if you're looking to control contamination, humidity and pressure. We design and install hardwall cleanrooms made from stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, vinyl, plastic laminate, and aluminum. Our professional technicians can build your cleanroom using your existing walls or creating freestanding walls, for your exact specifications.


Our premium steel frames are made from tubular structural steel for maximum strength. With welded corners and a powder-coated white finish, our steel modular cleanroom walls feature a precise fit and a sleek, professional appearance. The modular-welded ceiling is designed in grids to easily incorporate HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED lights. We supply cleanroom wall panels in standard dimensions, or our in-house designers can create a custom cleanroom for your specific needs.​

 Benefits of Steel Frame Cleanrooms 

  • Modular design can easily be moved or enlarged

  • Self-supporting with no need for external construction

  • Tubular structural steel for strength and sturdiness

  • Welded corners and ground-smooth finish for an exact fit and added strength

  • Multiple wall panels to choose from

  • Powder coated white finish for a sleek look

  • Welded grid ceiling

  • Rooms can range from ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100


Our aluminum cleanrooms are made with extruded anodized aluminum framing and a post-and-panel construction. Aluminum frames offer great design flexibility, especially for hard-to-fit cleanroom situations. Modulus aluminum cleanrooms feature an interlocking T-bar ceiling grid that allows for easy integration of HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED lights. These cleanrooms are completely customizable and easy to install. Our in-house designers will work with you to create the custom cleanroom for your needs.

 Benefits of Aluminum Frame Cleanrooms 

  • Sturdy extruded anodized aluminum construction

  • Unlimited design capabilities

  • Can be integrated within your existing space

  • Custom sizes available for almost any size room

  • Can be retro-fitted for your existing space

  • Rooms can range from ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100)


Modular Cleanrooms also specialize in "all-purpose" systems that can be utilized for a wide variety of applications from GMP rooms to specific ISO classes. These frameworks offer a lot of flexibility and can be utilized to equip existing spaces and facilities or to build freestanding structures, depending on your company's needs.


Incorporating a panel-post design offers the combination of different wall panels and cores including aluminum, polystyrene, stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), and other materials based on the needs of the cleanroom.

 Benefits of Post and Panel Cleanrooms 

  • Variety of materials to choose from that fit your needs

  • Unlimited design capabilities

  • Security and control panels

  • Custom sizes available for almost any size room

  • Can be retro-fitted for your existing space

  • Rooms can range from ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100)



With more than 20 years experience, our expert technicians will be able to install your cleanroom in one day,  with little to no distraction to your or your employees. Our in-house designers are available to help you create a custom softwall cleanroom for your business. 

Modulus Softwall Cleanrooms are made from tubular steel frames, but they feature soft, clear sheets rather than solid walls. Our unique softwall cleanrooms are completely modular and can be expanded with ease. 

 Benefits of Modulus Softwall Cleanrooms 

  • Budget friendly

  • Provide maximum flexibility

  • Fast onsite assembly

  • Tubular structural steel for strength and rigidity

  • Can expand or move as your company grows

  • Multiple configurations and designs for quick manufacturing

  • Rooms can range from ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100



Modulus Cleanrooms proudly services the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula. Multiple counties include: 


Contra Costa

Marin County

Napa County

San Jose / San Clara 

Sacramento County

San Joaquin 

San Mateo 



Modulus Cleanrooms designs, constructs, and installs modular cleanrooms throughout California and the West Coast. 

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